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Stroke Care

Stroke Care

Dealing with the aftermath of a stroke can be very frustrating, as tasks that once seemed simple can become increasingly challenging.

Unlike a progressive condition, the effects of a stroke are sudden and unpredictable.

A staggering 150,000 people in the UK have a stroke every year and many individuals are left brain-damaged as a result.

Life post-stroke differs for each individual and although many are able to make a full recovery, many sadly are left unable to take on daily tasks such as eating and drinking.

CuraCare offers physical, practical and psychological support in helping your loved one move forward.

Our experience has taught us that the main aim for those who have suffered a stroke, is to regain their independence as quickly as possible.

We work alongside you to come up with a care plan that allows an individual to regain their lifestyle and restore healthy balance.

Physically we can help your loved one tackle problems with mobility, swallowing, continence, speech and vision.

But we are aware the most devastating effects are often emotional including depression, tiredness, memory loss, concentration difficulties, mood swings and irritability.

This can also prove an emotional strain to you and your family and our team of staff are here to give you the extra support you need to cope.

There is no set pattern of recovery for a person who has suffered a stroke and we take time to listen to the aftermath through your eyes.

CuraCare staff will sit down with you and the stroke sufferer to come up with a plan to help enhance daily life and get you on track to live as independently as possible.

For further information on strokes and life after a stroke, please refer to CuraCare’s stroke fact sheet.

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