Thinking of becoming a carer?

CuraCare Renews its Social Care Commitment


CuraCare is proud to announce that we have renewed our commitment to delivering outstanding care by signing up to the Social Care Commitment for the third year running.

The Social Care Commitment is a chance to publicly declare that an organisation is committed to delivering quality care and support services.  In a recent independent survey of organisations who had signed up to the Social Care Commitment:

  • 85% said that they have already seen or expect to see an improvement in the quality of care they deliver
  • 83% said that it has led to or will lead to improvements to staff training and development

The Social Care Commitment involves reviewing or creating a Personal Development Plan, looking at seven key areas:

  1. Taking account of potential employees’ values, attitudes and behaviours when recruiting new staff.
  2. Providing thorough induction for all new staff and for those changing job roles.
  3. Providing timely, appropriate and accessible education, learning and development opportunities to enable employees to develop and strengthen their skills and knowledge.
  4. Encouraging all employees to sign up to the Social Care Commitment and to commit to any codes, standards or registration systems applicable to their job role.
  5. Taking responsibility for the values, attitudes and behaviours that all employees display at work, including upholding and promoting equality, diversity and inclusion.
  6. Monitoring the skills and behaviour of all employees, ensuring that feedback is encouraged from anyone they support or have direct contact with, including families and carers.
  7. Ensuring a positive culture and working environment where all employees are supported to do what they’ve said they will as part of their Social Care Commitment.

We believe that continued commitment to these seven areas will ensure that we continually provide excellent care services that meet clients’ needs and give family members peace of mind.

For more information contact the Social Care Commitment Support Team on 0845 300 9505 or visit the website.