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CuraCare Supports Parkinson’s Awareness Week

Parkinsons Awareness Week

Today marks the beginning of Parkinson’s Awareness Week and will see the launch of Parkinson’s UK’s We Won’t Wait campaign.

The background to the campaign is that the last significant drug discovery for Parkinson’s was over 50 years ago. People with Parkinson’s need a breakthrough, they’re no longer willing to wait, hence the name of the campaign We Won’t Wait.

The purpose of the We Won’t Wait campaign is to encourage the public to donate and support Parkinson’s research.

At CuraCare, we work with a number of people with Parkinson’s. We can see that more needs to be done. The existing drugs don’t stop, slow down or reverse the condition or its effects – they merely mask some symptoms for a time and they can have distressing side effects.

For more information on how to donate and get involved with Parkinson’s UK, please follow this link, We Won’t Wait.