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Live-in Care

Live-in Care

As people’s care needs progress, they may require more than several visits per day.  At this stage, the two main options are moving to a care home or live-in care.

Live-in care is the preferred option where people:

•        want to remain independent

•        want the comfort and security of familiar surroundings

•        want to maintain routines e.g. getting up times and meal times

•        want to maintain continuity for family / friends / support networks

•        want to avoid stress related to selling one’s home

•        want to keep their pets

•        have memories of their home / their possessions

•        appreciate one-to-one care

Live-in care works on the basis of having a carer live with the client, giving you peace of mind that there is always someone on hand.

We are sensitive to the fact that the client has someone in their home and we are mindful of ‘personal space’. The situation differs from client to client: some enjoy companionship, others prefer their privacy – it depends on the personalities involved and the relationships between client and carer.

How live-in care works

Our preferred way of working with live-in care clients is to have two regular carers working with one client.  They work in a 2 weeks on / 2 weeks off pattern. This ensures that the carers and client get to know each other well. More importantly, it enables carers to see changes in clients in order for us to take action.

What is needed for live-in care

On a practical level, a spare room is required as is internet access. Bathing and kitchen facilities are also required but are often shared with the client.

Further information and advice

If you have any questions about live-in care and whether or not it would be right for your loved one, please do not hesitate to call us for an informal chat.

CALL US: 020 8892 9222 (Twickenham) or 020 8876 3063 (East Sheen)

Get Your Copy of Our Free Guide To Finding the Best Live-in Care

Get Your Copy of Our Free Guide To Live-In Care

Get Your Copy of Our Free Guide To Live-In Care