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Why Us

Why Us

We pride ourselves on being a family run business, which means when you give us a call, you won’t be met by an automated menu – you’ll speak directly with the Registered Care Manager or one of the company’s owners.

We are here to help you and with our experience and expertise we strive to do anything we can to ease the stress of caring for a loved one.

Here’s ten reasons, why you can count on CuraCare.

1. We make sure we understand what you want and then deliver it.

2. We have experience in arranging care for our own relatives and can understand what you’re going through now.

3. We’re passionate about delivering the highest standards of care.

4. We only select the most compassionate carers that we would want to care for our own loved ones.

5. We respect our carers and pay them more than the industry average.

6. We try our level best to accommodate your preferences in carer type (in terms of age, gender and ethnicity).

7. We strive to ensure consistency in care – we won’t keep sending you different carers.

8. We consistently achieve high levels of client satisfaction.

9. We actively seek feedback on ways to improve our service.

10. We’re not the biggest but we do our utmost to be the best!

CALL US: 020 8892 9222 (Twickenham) or 020 8876 3063 (East Sheen)

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