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Why work for CuraCare?

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Working for CuraCare requires passion and commitment. Responsibility is critical as people depend on us. It can be demanding and it takes dedication. We really understand this and therefore fully admire and appreciate the continued efforts of our fantastic team. We value our team and so dedication and professionalism are always happily rewarded.

Meaningful Work

If you like being active and to meet people, then working for CuraCare may well be for you. Every day we help people in the local community to live independently and to fulfil their desire to remain in their own homes. This is immensely satisfying and rewarding as you can go home knowing that you have made a real difference.


Life is undoubtedly busy. Working for CuraCare offers flexible working hours. Our service is not nine to five. Our clients require our assistance right throughout the day. We have a variety of roles for day time as well and evening and weekend work.


Starting in any new place of work can be daunting but at CuraCare, you will be a part of the family from the moment you start. We want to ensure that you feel comfortable, confident and secure in your in your role. We provide continuous support to all staff. You may be working in the field but you will never be alone.

Training & Development Opportunities

Whether entirely new to care or an experienced hand, everyone joining team receives full and comprehensive training in all aspects of the role.   No prior experience is necessary as we will ensure that you are fully prepared and ready to begin shadowing experienced carers and working yourself. Comprehensive support both from the office and in the field will be a constant source of reassurance.

All carers have individual career plans. Regularly ongoing training is provided as well as the opportunity to undertake QCF training. Career progression within the company is actively encouraged.


We have always been committed to attracting and retaining the best care assistants. To us, it is not just about filling a role, it’s about finding the right person.

We believe that the best candidates should be rewarded appropriately, which is why we became of the first care providers to sign up to the London Living Wage.


We never expect our carers to be in two places at once and so travel time is always factored into staff schedules. Many our carers drive but it’s entirely possible to fulfil the role using public transport, walking or cycling. We operate a competitive mileage allowance system.

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