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Shannon’s Memory Walk For The Alzheimer’s Society

CuraCare Memory Walk

One of our former carers, Shannon, is taking part in a Memory Walk in Leeds tomorrow. She’s doing this in memory of one of our late clients Mary, who Shannon worked with for 6 months until she passed away.

Here’s what Shannon has to say about the walk:

In June, one of the loveliest, kindest people, I have ever met, passed away. She was called Mary and she had severe advanced Dementia.

I was Mary’s carer for 6 months and, even though she couldn’t form memories of me, she is a lady who I will never forget. She spent her last days making everyone smile around her. She came out with some great one-liners and would not stop expressing how thankful and grateful she was to have everyone who came to see her.

I was told, Mary would have said ‘Why are you walking for me? Surely there’s someone better you could raise money in memory of?’ 

THAT is the exact reason why I am doing this.

The money that Shannon raises will go the Alzheimer’s Society to help towards the funding of dementia research. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. To donate, please use the following link