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After Stroke Care

“The effects of a stroke are often sudden and unpredictable and readjusting requires not only physical support, but emotional and social support too. Having experienced how varying the challenges are and how differently they affect people, our local carers are adept at tailoring their support to each personal case to provide exactly the right care you need.”


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What is a Stroke?

A stroke is generally caused by a ruptured blood vessel or a blood clot that blocks the flow of blood to the brain. It affects each person differently, depending on how much damage there has been to the brain cells. A staggering 150,000 people across the UK will have a stroke every year. It can happen to anyone at any age, but 75% of cases affect people over the age of 65.

Life post stroke is very different for every individual. For some, a full recovery can be made, but for others, tasks that once seemed simple, such as eating and drinking, can become increasingly challenging. A stroke can affect the way the body functions as well as how someone feels and communicates. This can in turn have an emotional impact, sometimes causing problems such as anxiety and depression.

For those left with physical difficulties from a stroke, our experience has been that regaining their independence as quickly as possible generally helps with the physiological consequences too.

For anyone who has recently experienced a stroke, provides some very useful support.

After stroke care - a bespoke solution

As your local provider, offering in-home care services for physical, practical and emotional support, we begin by inviting you to one of our local branches in Twickenham or East Sheen for a chat. There’s no set pattern of recovery for a person who has suffered a stroke, so we take time to listen to the strains it’s causing in your life. We work alongside you and your family to devise a care plan that most quickly allows you to regain your lifestyle and your health. We offer support in tackling physical problems such as mobility, swallowing, incontinence, speech and vision as well as emotional ones, such as depression, memory loss, mood swings and irritability.

Our care assistants, hired locally, are chosen, not only for their practical experience, but also their kindness, adaptability and positivity.

For further information on life after a stroke, take a look at our stroke fact sheet.

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