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Dementia Care

“Dementia is a cruel disease in which there is a deterioration in memory, thinking, behaviour and the ability to perform everyday activities. It mainly affects older people, although it’s not a normal part of ageing. Our aim is to provide the personalised dementia care and live in dementia care which is vital to enable people who are affected by it to remain living in their own home.”


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What is Dementia?

Currently affecting over 850,000 in the UK and set to rise to over one million by 2025, it can often be difficult to diagnose. If you’re concerned that someone close to you could be living with dementia, a few common signs are: memory loss, confusion, loss of physical co-ordination and speech problems.

We understand that hearing the news that your loved-one may be affected by dementia can be difficult to come to terms with, especially as you realise the relationship between you may start to change. The need for extra care and support for the whole family tailored to suit individual circumstances is often required and incredibly important to get right.

If you’ve recently received a dementia diagnosis, there is a lot of very useful information on and

Dementia home care – support for you and your family

Studies have shown that those living with dementia, who are treated at home, have greater health and well-being than those who are placed in unfamiliar surroundings. So, we believe with carefully managed one-on-one support, there’s no reason why somebody requiring dementia care can’t maintain their independence and quality of life at home.

That’s why our team of local and experienced care staff in and around Twickenham, Richmond, East Sheen and surrounding areas and are fully trained to answer any questions and concerns, as well as support the whole family deal with the daily challenges of living with dementia. With over 100 conditions of the mind falling under the collective term dementia, the need for personalised care is key.

Here are some of the home care services we offer to those living with Dementia:

For more information and support about dementia and please see our dementia fact sheet.

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