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Olive’s story – hospital discharge care

When did you start to have support from CuraCare?

I first had CuraCare in because my hip gave way and I couldn’t manage, as I couldn’t put my foot to the floor. My husband couldn’t manage because he’s 89, so he couldn’t look after me. So we got CuraCare in and they were marvelous. I wouldn’t have managed without them. They were wonderful. They even looked after John, my husband.

When I came out of hospital after having my hip done again, they were there for me again. They used to come in for me 3 times a day. Whenever I wanted them, they were there… It was a godsend that we had them.

How was your experience with CuraCare?

CuraCare came in and they couldn’t do enough. They were wonderful. They really looked after me absolutely wonderfully. Michaela was exceptional – the most caring person you ever met. The whole staff of CuraCare, they couldn’t do enough for us, every one of them were really good people. We were really glad to have them.

They were almost always on time and you could rely on them absolutely. If they couldn’t get there quite on time they would ring and let us know they were slightly held up.

Now I’m better and on the mend again Michaela often pops in, as she only lives around the corner from where I live. She gave me a lovely plant for my birthday, and I’ve still got it going.


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