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CuraCare’s Client Feedback Results Are In

Feedback concept with a cup of coffee on a pastel green wooden table

We’ve just reviewed the feedback from our latest client satisfaction survey.

The results are very positive, with clients rating us as either excellent or good on all questions. The overall results are as follows:

Satisfaction rating
Effective How satisfied were you that we understood the care & support needs during our assessment? 98%
Do you feel that CuraCare delivers a professional service. 97%
Do you feel that CuraCare delivers a reliable service. 96%
Do you feel that our Care Assistants competent in their role? 91%
What is your overall rating of CuraCare’s Care Assistants 93%
Caring Do you feel that you are treated in a caring manner by our Care Assistants? 92%
Do you feel that our Care Assistants are friendly? 91%
Responsive How satisfied were you with the speed with which care was arranged? 100%
How satisfied are you with CuraCare’s responses to any care / support issues raised? 93%
How satisfied are you with any scheduling issues / requests are satisfactorily resolved? 93%
Well led Overall rating of CuraCare’s office team 96%
General CuraCare provides a continuity of care that I am happy with. 93%
Using the services of CuraCare gives family members peace of mind. 96%
How likely would you be to recommend CuraCare? 93%

We are very happy with these results and believe that they are a realistic reflection of the excellent level of care that our team provides.  The results do however, reveal several areas where we performed less well than others and we will be looking at these seriously and taking measures to improve them.

About the survey

The survey results were collected anonymously. Clients and their family members were asked to answer a number of questions, rating their answers on a scale of 1 -5. The results were then weighted to calculate an overall satisfaction rating i.e. if everyone answered 5 for a particular question, this would result in a satisfaction rating of 100%.