Thinking of becoming a carer?

The results are in…..


We recently asked our staff to participate in a confidential staff survey. It was a survey conducted by an independent survey company, Smith + Henderson.

Care assistants were asked to complete a confidential survey about what it is like to work at the organisation, with questions covering leadership, training, communication, client focus and whether they would recommend their company as a great place to work.

What was reassuring to hear, was that our care assistants said:

  1. I am proud to work for CuraCare.
  2. I am given enough time to give quality care to my clients.
  3. I am given appropriate travel time between clients.
  4. I would recommend CuraCare as a great place to work.
  5. I would recommend CuraCare’s care services.

The survey also gave us invaluable insights as to how to improve some areas of management. This is something we are always keen to identify and improve in order to make everyone’s role as fulfilling as possible.