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CuraCare Gets Behind Diabetes Week, 11 – 17 June 2017

Diabetes Week 2017

Today sees the launch of Diabetes Week. This year’s theme is Know Diabetes, Fight Diabetes.

Knowing diabetes is about learning from the experience of those in the diabetes community: those living with diabetes; those working in diabetes research; those working with people with diabetes.

Fighting diabetes is about tackling the challenges that diabetes presents: challenges of funding research; challenges thrown up by perceptions around diabetes; challenges about the standard of diabetes care; and challenges about adults’ rights in the workplace and children’s rights at school. It’s about fighting against diabetes and fighting for a cure.

At CuraCare, we are keen to know more about diabetes and fight against it. That’s why we are currently creating a new role of Diabetes Champion for one of our supervisors. As a trained nurse, she already has a sound level of awareness of diabetes, but we’re helping her build upon that through further specialist training.

We are also committed to fighting diabetes. That’s why we’ve chosen Deepak Lodhia’s 1 Million Step Challenge for Diabetes UK as our charity of the month. To help Deepak do his bit to fight Diabetes, please donate via the link.