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CuraCare supports Bowel Cancer Awareness Month


April is bowel cancer awareness month. This year’s focus is on screening for bowel cancer. Screening is a highly effective way of identifying potential bowel cancer before the symptoms appear.

How it works

Everyone between 60 and 74, that’s registered with a GP, will receive a testing kit in the post every 2 years. This is used to self-collect 3 faeces samples over a 2 week period. The samples are then posted back in the free post, hygienically sealed envelope.  The samples are then analysed for hidden blood, which can be an early sign of bowel cancer.

If blood is present, further tests are taken to investigate whether there is cancer or not. If cancer is present, it can be treated. The earlier the treatment, the greater the level of success in surviving bowel cancer.

At CuraCare, we have worked with several people recovering from bowel cancer treatment and we’re great supporters of its early detection wherever possible.

For further information on bowel cancer screening, see and for further information about the ways in which CuraCare can support people with bowel cancer see