Thinking of becoming a carer?

Next Week Is Carers Week, 11-17 June 2018

Carers Week 2018

Next week is Carers Week. This is an annual awareness week, designed to raise awareness of the invaluable contribution that unpaid carers make.

The focus this year is on helping carers stay healthy and connected. A recent survey found that a staggering 51% of carers have health and well-being needs of their own but let these needs go unchecked. This doesn’t surprise us. We come across many people who are providing care and support to loved ones, often spouses / family members. It’s inspiring to see that they have a such a giving and loving nature. However, this loving nature can be so strong that their own needs can become secondary to the needs of their loved one that they are supporting.  Without due care and attention to them self, things can spiral out of control.

We work closely alongside the families of people that we support and help them to realise this when it’s starting to happen. We have the flexibility to step in and increase support, even on a respite basis, to ensure that the primary carer can go out and have the time for them self or the social interaction they need to ensure they can continue providing care on a sustainable basis.

If you see relatives caring for a loved one, where the carer is at risk of burning out, please feel free to contact us for an informal chat.