Thinking of becoming a carer?

Overcoming resistance to having care

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Deciding to start having care at home can be a big decision both financially and emotionally. Sometimes people may not be keen on the thought of having care support in their home, as they think they would prefer to remain living in their home without external help. They may see accepting care as a significant change in their independence, although interestingly this isn’t the case. Having support from a carer (whether a family member, friend or a paid carer) is actually an important factor which can enable people to live independently in their own homes.

It can be helpful to know in advance that you may experience some pushback, if you are planning to start discussing the idea of bringing carers in to support your family member or loved ones. Knowing that they may object to the idea as they want to be able to manage on their own can help you prepare for the conversation. Objecting is quite common, so please do not worry if you experience this. Don’t take it personally and don’t let it back stop you from investigating the opportunity fully. Often people underestimate the support they need as they grow older, as it can feel like a change they are not yet ready for.

To put your mind at rest, it’s worth knowing that the majority of people change their mind after objecting and review their attitude to care within the first one to two months of working with us. They begin to recognise and value the support they get from having carers coming in. They also start to truly value the personal relationship with the carers, which is helped by our ways of working at CuraCare.

We make every effort to understand each of our clients, their preferences and their individual needs and then use our skills to find the right carers for them to welcome into their home. The carers at CuraCare become friends who our clients look forward to seeing rather than strangers who are interrupting their lives. This is something that is important to us. As a local, family-oriented business, we are fortunate that we have a network of local carers to choose from, which is why we are able to do this and find the carers who are most suited to our clients.

Especially where elderly people have family members who either live further afield or who have their own busy lives, it can be hugely beneficial to know that there is regular support available. It provides both the individual and also their family with peace of mind, knowing that they are well looked after and regularly being visited and taken care of. Knowing that they have help with practical tasks as well as company and companionship can be a big weight off everyone’s minds.

To read more about the extremely positive things that clients say once they have got used to having carers coming into their home regularly, you can read more of our feedback from our clients.