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About Us


CuraCare is committed to delivering the highest quality home care services. We support the older people of the London Borough of Richmond and the surrounding areas who wish to retain their independence and live safely in the comfort of their own homes. Our services range from hourly visits through to 24 hour live-in care. We provide peace of mind for both our clients and their loved ones alike.

Our commitment also lies in making CuraCare a great place to work. We want our Team to feel valued, to thrive and derive maximum fulfilment from rewarding work they do.

We continue to grow and develop the business for the security and betterment of all. We never stray from our core values: Caring, Integrity, Teamwork and Development which permeate everything we do.


Caring: “We are caring and passionate about care”

Our CuraCare Team are empathetic, sincere, and warm-hearted. We are unselfish and respect and value others. “We are both caring and passionate about care”.

Our clients, their families, and all those with whom we interact, recognise and appreciate our nature, approach and the positive difference we make.

Achieved by:
• Treating everyone with dignity, respect and a sense of inclusivity
• Never losing sight of how the other person may be feeling
• Remembering we’re all individual and have varying challenges both seen and unseen
• Providing personalised care quality care with a smile and positive attitude

Integrity: “We do the right thing”

Only by being honest with everyone involved, including ourselves, can we be truly caring. At CuraCare, “we do what we say we’ll do” and we “do the right thing”. That’s the “CuraCare Way”.

Our actions build trust with all parties. We reinforce our positive reputation thus providing peace of mind for clients, family and other 3rd parties alike.

Achieved by:
• Being open, honest and truthful with ourselves and others at all times
• Demonstrating our reliability by doing what we say we’ll do
• In all cases, we do the right thing
• Ensuring that our day to day actions always put the client’s best interests and safety, as well as the safety of the team member and company, to the fore

Teamwork: “We work with, and in support of each other”

We recognise that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. “We work with, and in support of each other”, so that together we can achieve far more.

As a Team we operate at our optimum levels enabling our clients to experience a highly professional and fully managed service.

Achieved by:
• Delivering a highly professional service which goes above and beyond the basic tasks
• Understanding and delivering what is asked and expected of us in our respective roles
• We “update and communication” with each other, clients, families and all those involved in the care
• Demonstrating flexibility and being supportive of each other when needed

Development: “We seek to make things better”.

We are enquiring and we’re proactive. “We seek to make things better”. We continually strive to learn more and develop our knowledge to the betterment of others.

Our service continually improves the quality of our clients live and that of their families. We are constantly growing both personally and professionally.

Achieved by:
• Learning more about ourselves, each other and what which we do
• Developing our Teams skills and knowledge base
• Continually reviewing, improving and innovating where possible to benefit all
• Growing and strengthen the business to increase security for all